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New images are added to this gallery periodically with the most recent additions appearing at the top. Moving down the page you travel back through the timeline of the project to its original idea.
Portland Mini Maker Faire, September 2017. Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.
A weekend of fantastic "show and tell", diverse visitors and, most of all, fun!
We welcome all visitors.
Viewing 100 year old stereo-cards with hand-held viewers.
The Puddletown Panorama in the thick of things at the Portland Maker Faire, 2017.
Thanks to our ramp, we are accessible for those with limited mobility.
We refuse entry to no one, especially Stormtroopers and their friends.
Getting the viewers ready.
Burning Man, 2017.
Daily maintenance.
Fitting the lights.
In line at the DMV for a daytime permit.
Level 1 achieved - daytime permit granted and applied.
The Puddletown visits Firmament.
Outside camp.
Looking down on the Puddletown Panorama.
Heading out for the night.
Dusk outing.
Assembly at night to beat the heat.
Ready to leave for the evening.
Thank you hug.
In line at the DMV for our night permit.
The build, April - August, 2017.
The platform base.
Final finishing of the Panorama.
Canopy sewing instructions.
Fitting the first side skirt and the Panorama frame, with canopy frame sections on hand.
Beautiful ball bungees, made and ready to hold the canopy cover in place.
Decking goes down.
Cutting steel pipe to make the canopy light housings.
Making templates for the bellows to cover the front of the puller.
Running the LED railing lights inside the copper pipes.
Situating the Panorama pedestal.
Newly made bench cushions.
Painting the interiors of the viewers black.
The parts for making the puller's headlights.
Making our own ball bungees.
Hand building the card carrying belts for the viewers_
Building the card carrying belt for a viewer_
Watching paint dry - side skirts, tool and generator boxes.
A little bling for the puller.
Making stereocards.
Drilled copper pipe for housing the running lights for the railings.
Building out the basic trailer frame.
Basic subfram for the wheelchair ramp.
Panorama design drawings.
Elevation of Panorama.
Plan view of Panorama.
Mock-up of lanterns.
Night welding.
Original concept model and first prototype of viewer.
Puddletown Panorama model at dusk.
End view of original concept model.
Original concept model, detail of Panorama.
Prototype viewer with lid.
Testing the alignment of the viewer prototype and it works.
Inspiration - early stereoviewers, in particular the magnificent Kaiserpanorama.
Becker-type card viewer
Early Kaiserpanorama variation
Kaiserpanorama, Kraków.
Kaiser Panorama, Berlin, Germany.
standing stereopticon
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